The Cat Pack

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35 in a bar?

Just to clarify a little confusion which seems to be cropping up regarding how many’s actually in The Cat Pack. The album, ‘It Aint What You Do’ does indeed feature 35 fabulous people and musicians. However, this is spread over 4 sessions and 16 tracks – not all 35 performed at one time! As with gigs we often have to use ‘deps’ to fill in now and again as it is very rare we can use exactly the same line-up for all engagements due to availability of so many people. So just to clarify the line-up,

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all tracks on the album and at gigs consist of at any one time the traditional big band line-up of 4 trumpets, 4 trombones, 5 saxophones, 4-piece rhythm section and 3-4 vocalists, totalling 20 people. cheap cialis online For future reference for gigs please note however we can offer two reduced sized line-ups depending on venue size and budget. The full ‘blow your head off’ sound you hear on the record though is 20 honkers and screamers. Though now it’s mentioned – 35 at

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once, hmm, now there’s an idea…though is there a bar no prescription viagra cheapest viagra big enough out there to take us after a gig?!?!chinese viagra pillsazithromycin order