The Cat Pack

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You can also read full reviews of our new CD.

Don’t believe the hype? Well, maybe this time you should!
The BBC music website.

(They have) enough energy to power a small town in Albania!
The Primrose Guide.

For a swing band they rock! Classics from Sinatra and Elvis are interspersed with cuts from modern impresarios such as Jools Holland and some very tasty original pieces. It all makes for one amazingly intoxicating cocktail.
Richard Garnett, The Leeds Music Scene Website.

The place was heaving and everyone had a great time.
Tony Collinson, The Horsforth Hop.

Wow! What energy!
Mark Nightingale, BBC.

I can tell you that it’s the most powerful music that I have ever listened to in this genre.
Cherokee Records, Germany

It’s fantastic stuff! I think we need this great unique rockin’ sound nowadays here in the USA and elsewhere.”
Rollin’ Rock Records, USA

When I first heard this CD, I wasn’t too sure if I liked it all, but after a few plays, not only do I like it, it’s gonna be coming on my hols with me. When I get back I’ll be checking out their gig list, I’ve just got to see them.
Pete Green, Coventry Rock’n’Roll/Maggie’s Blue Suede News (UK).

‘Everybody Wants To Be A Cat’ is their first release, displaying a dynamic blend of Swing and Rhythm & Blues with a Rockabilly kick. The Cat Pack are set to bring Big Band Swing to a whole new audience.
Raucous Records.

The Cat Pack prove that Big Band music is hip, in the same way that the Brian Setzer Orchestra, the Jools Holland Rhythm ‘n’ Blues Orchestra and even Robbie Williams have been doing in recent years.
Nervous Records.

The Cat Pack are a dangerous outfit. Dangerous because they are likely to blow the opposition away with their huge sound. If you are looking for an evening of jumping R’n’B to which you can dance the night away, then I suggest you get the Cat Pack booked up as soon as possible!
Mike G, Putting On The Style website.

Whether it’s a blasting tenor solo from one of the sax section, or a clattering boogie piano intro, or a rousing crescendo from the trombones, these guys, all reading from charts, know how to create excitement. Don’t miss them.
Tony Watson, Blues ‘n’ Rhythm magazine.

There are big bands and there are bigger bands but this fabulous CD has persuaded me that the Leeds-based Cat Pack are currently the biggest and the best. In taking the best of big band boogie, jump jive, r&b and swing, this band rocks and rolls like no other.
Chris Woodford, Now Dig This magazine.

Never have we enjoyed such a tremendous evening of talent and seen musicians enjoying a gig so much.
R.Rogers (in a letter to the Yorkshire Post following our gig at the Leeds City Varieties).